The Magic of Seeds

Tired of half-crushed seedlings trucked across the province, I decided to grow my  herbs from seed this year.

Seeds begin as tiny specks, invisibly holding the energy of life.  They sit in the soil for days apparently doing nothing, until suddenly a crack appears.  Slowly, the tiny green sprout unfurls and reaches for the light. 

Over time, the spindly shoot becomes more stable and its first true leaves unfurl. 

When the weather is warm and the plant strong enough, out it goes into real world to face the sun, wind and rain.  It continues to grow.  Each set of leaves is a surprise, each flower a gift. 

The real miracle is the day it’s mature enough to bear fruit.  That may mean enough leaves to harvest, flowers to pick, or fruit to eat.

Plants thrive despite us, not because of us.  Ignore the rules and advice out there. Try to step aside and let them work their magic. It’s what they do.

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